Fall Fashion Explosion Part 1

September 11, 2009 – Boxes! Every day a new box is arriving with great new product – much of it fall fashion. So I am going to do mini reviews of each designer so all ya’all are up to date. First up – local favorite Deux FM.

I had the opportunity to see Deux FM’s fall preview at Atlantic Fashion Week this past spring. I had just spent the past winter wrapped in a favorite cardigan and I think I could have been possibly wearing it that night. And so when the Deux FM wooly cardigans made their way onto the stage, I mentally did golf claps. A big “Bravo” and kisses to the gorgeous blue colour – completely stunning. In either black or blue, this is a key investment into any gal’s winter wardrobe.

You all know Anna’s Deux FM line is eco-chic right? I mean this gal really thinks through what a garment is to be made from and how it is to be made. Even her hang tags are ecologically friendly. Seriously! So it is no surprise to me that Anna thought out the addition of wool to collection. The wool is baby alpaca. Alpaca is sustainable as a fiber and is naturally organic. Alpacas as animals are soft on the environment and their wool fibers can take less dye. Anna sourced her Alpaca wool from a green farm in Peru where the women knitting the sweaters are part of a knitting co-op are paid fairly and provided schooling and day care for their children.

LHASA electric blue detail 

Another stunner in the Deux Fm Fall Collection are the Elsa Trousers. I like these because they have the look and fit of a great pair of jeans but are sophisticated enough to wear to work or in the evening. Check out these babies.

ELSA front detail  ELSA back pocket detail

And then there is the Eliza Dress…

Nothing gets my practical meets creative personality going like a “multiple wear” garment. The Eliza Dress, available in black and oxblood, can be worn many ways. Come on! This dress is so amazing!

Eliza Eliza3

 Eliza2 Eliza4

This piece is so sexy and grecian with a pair of heels. And paired with some stunning boots and expert layering this could be less formal but equally gorgeous.

Love, Me also has a lovely silk shirtdress and a fun “chain” printed tee by Deux Fm in stock.


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