Fall Fashion Explosion – Part II

September 15, 2009 – Looking out the window of the shop and seeing the rain pelt down and the leaves blowing off the trees, I am glad I opted to put my daughter in tights today. It is a funny time of year, bare legs are great for an afternoon like yesterday – hot & sunny, but the next day there can be a cool wind or a cool rain that throws you off. Personally I heart the tights. And I love fall and winter because I break them out of their summer hibernation. Why am I going on and on about tights? Well…what to wear with tights? Lovely dresses and skirts of course.

New to us at Love, Me Boutique is Meghan Irish’s Vancouver-based line Dru’s Design. Her fall ’09 pieces are made for tights and boots – yah!! What I love about the Dru line is how simple yet feminine her cuts are. They are truly easy to wear. They can be worn solo or layered, with heels or with flats or boots. They are stylish form and yet completely practically functional. (Oh yes – the girl does pockets!!) They are the kind of pieces that you wake up late after sleeping in after hitting that snooze button one time too many before realizing you have a meeting or a “thing” that calls for more than your everyday. Crappy day or not – I would reach for a Dru’s.

My favorite piece is this beauty:


The houndstooth pattern has three shades of grey and gold in it. It has simple shoulder detailing, a no-fuss gathered waist and (yes!) pockets.

What about this cowl neck and dramatic circle pocket detail on this cocoa number? This dress can be subtle or can be “wild-ified” with some rockin’ patterned tights.


And finally this skirt puts a little punch in your weekday basic black. Again – easy to wear, easy to throw together but creates great impact!


Now dust off those tights and get in here and try on some Dru!


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