Handmade Nation Ticket Contest

September 22, 2009 – It has been a nutty few days here at the shop with a wee leak and having to be closed or running massive dehumidifiers. I apologize to anyone who came by looking for wonderful goodies only to find we were closed.

Anyhow…moving forward…Handmade Nation Ticket Contest

Handmade Nation is a US documentary about the increased/increasing popularity of handmade, craft/art, DIY. The film will be screened at the Atlantic Film Festival on Thursday, Sept 24 at 9:30pm in Park Lane. Love, Me will be hosting a pre-screening party from 7-8:30pm. So please stop in and say hello. Do you have your tickets left?? Well, here is an opportunity to win two free tickets.

To win to free tickets to the screening of Handmade Nation you need to leave a comment here on this blog about your favorite handmade purchase, gift or DIY project. One comment per person. I will draw the winner Wednesday (tomorrow) at 5pm. Make sure your comment has an email for me to contact you at. And then be sure to check your email Wednesday night.

Here is a trailer..

OK…get commenting…



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17 responses to “Handmade Nation Ticket Contest

  1. Katie Marsh

    My best friend in grade six made (just for me!) the most awesome mix tape that I listened to over and over — so often, in fact, that it broke 😦 I love the idea of having someone choose music just for you, and going through the process of making a mix tape. CDs just aren’t the same!

  2. Ashton

    Last year I was trying to save up for a volunteer project and for Christmas my best friend made me a scrapbook of photos and paper of a bake sale that she held at her school to help me raise money. I didn’t know she did this, it was a surprise at Christmas when we gave me the money she made from it. It was such a great idea and so thoughtful. I love looking at my scrapbook πŸ™‚

    • Love, Me Boutique

      Ashton. You won the tickets! I am hoping you get this in time and come claim your tickets. You can stop in anytime 10am-8:30. Our pre-screening party starts at 7pm. Be sure to come for that!

  3. I love handmade soap. Love. Never buy mass produced soap.

  4. hi there,
    Can hardly wait to see this film!!! It would be hard for me to pick a fave project or gift because handmade encompasses such a wide array of fields. Love it all. Thanks!

  5. I LOVE DIY! Here’s a link to one of the many projects I’ve blogged about:

    I also love giving and receiving handmade gifts and cards β€” they mean so much more.

    Your shop is amazing. I can’t wait to come over before the movie!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My favorite DIY project was my christmas cards last year. It was my first time screen printing! I used the Inkstorm studio, which is open to the public. I love that halifax has hidden gems like Instorm. The studio is affordable, the space is great and fellow screenprinters are always very sweet and eager to help. They also have a great zine library πŸ™‚


  7. Angela

    My favourite hand made gift was from my boyfriend whom I had only been seeing for a short time. He spent days and nights creating a gift for me, cutting and drawing, glueing and colouring until all hours of the night. He presented this incredible board game to me on Christmas morning after he had stayed awake all night putting together the finishing touches. It’s been 10 years now, and I still cherish that homemade gift πŸ™‚

  8. When I was 23 years old, my father built me a double bed made from my childhood twin bed. He widened the bed frame and inserted a beautiful maple head board. The bottom bed posts still have my unicorn stickers I put there when I was a kid. This homemade gift made me feel like my dad was seeing me as an adult, like I might need the space of a double bed.

  9. Jessica

    I think Anything that is made by hand is made with care. Its exponentially extending our love for one another not to forget the learning and teaching involved in the process; its so very satisfying and extremely rewarding. All things knitted from a friend to grandmother not even you’re own, has that feeling of love knitted or woven right into that mitten or hat. All things handmade are so special and have a beautiful store attached.
    I’m also very excited for the movie.

  10. Eileen

    I think one of the best handmade gist I ever received was a Spock doll that my two best friends made me back in high school. Neither of them were into Star Trek at all yet they spent many hours getting the details just right (this was back before the Internet or even quality videotaping!).
    Spock was wonderfully asymmetrical and stood in a place of honour on my bookshelf for many years.
    Now if only they would finish the braided rug for me that they started 10 (plus) years ago!

  11. OUUU!!! MY favourite DIY project was painting my “Tree of Life” painting… especially since I’m not a painter and haven’t painted in Years!! it actually turned out alright (which is good since Andrew assured me that WHATEVER I painted had to go on the wall…. phew!).

    See you Thursday regardless πŸ™‚


  12. Alyssa Chapeskie

    I’m super excited to see this movie on Thursday with some fellow DIYers πŸ™‚ I think my most favorite recent project was one i made to get my new workspace organized! I made a memory board out of a beautiful old picture frame, some fabric that was once a floral men’s shirt and some ribbon and buttons. I also made a cork board out of an old picture fame.

  13. Anna

    For my birthday this year, my friend Margo made me a bracelet, a personalized bracelet. It was made from buttons specifically picked and strung for my likes and peculiarities…a starfish, big bright colours and flowers. I always get comments on it. It’s a happy piece of jewellery. Just go down to your nearest Sally Ann and pick up an assortment of buttons for a pittance and GO FOR IT!

  14. This summer I bought the most gorgeous olive green short sleeved hoodie with fantastic screenprinting on it at Love, Me. Love it!

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