September 25, 2009 – One last Handmade Nation post and then we are done, ok??

I wanted to just give a big thank you shout out to Rose at the Atlantic Film Festival who jumped when I bombarded her with ideas to make the screening a bit more fun with parties, demos and draws. She rocked this event with her organizational skills and enthusiasm.

Who kinda dropped the ball? Me … a bit. I intended to mention all the artists who donated at the screening but the feeling like we had to rush through the prizes, my sudden blindness due to the lights (and not be able to read any of my notes), and sudden amnesia as to what was in any of the four goody bags Love, Me handed out, all combined into a “forget it. move on.” moment. So here I apologize to any artist who was all “hey I thought I’d get a mention”. Your donations were much appreciated. Every goody bag had a Cinnamon Heart Love, Me soap and Love, Me “Make Art” button. And then each bag had 2 or 3 goodies from local artists like a punctuation mark embroidered hankerchief from Hello Pineapples, leather “feather earrings from Cotton Candy Cupcake, a pouch from Louloubell and a hair clip set from Louloubell’s side project Fussed, art prints and buttons from artist Shelagh Duffet, a “broken heart” pin from Kat Miller – and here comes the brain freeze again… I hope I am not forgetting anyone.

Anyway thank you – all who helped, all who donated, all who attended.

Last bit of Handmade Nation news: the shop will be receiving a copy of the Handmade Nation book to “sample”. Please come in and take a look – and then let us know if you want us to order you one.

Ok Handmade Nation discussion OUT.


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2 responses to “A Big THANK YOU

  1. Thanks Chara, glad to be a part of it!

  2. Lisa Y

    Yes, thanks so much for hosting the movie. I really enjoyed and hope to see more Love, Me events!

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