Fall Fashion RoundUp Part III

September 29, 2009 – Well…there is no denying it any longer. Fall is offically here. This morning I was well aware of all the wet leaves in fall colours sticking to the pavement and took note that I am wearing a turtleneck (albeit cotton) for the first time since early Spring.

Some of you lucky ladies have already been in to touch and take home some the newly arrived Smoking Lily. But there are still plenty of SL goodness for you all to partake in.

I am lacking in images for this entry; I am hoping my enthusiasm for Smoking Lily will translate into some great visuals. Plus – they are way cuter in person.

While I love all the pieces, I do have special affection for a few sweethearts. I love the jersey DC skirt which will pair up with some tights and boots so fabulously. The side panel in the skirt creates great swing and sweep and keeps the jersey from clinging. The love the Petra top whose 30% wool appeals to my always cold self. With a stunning cowl collar and simple draped body, this is a great work piece. (But the great subtle nuts and bolts print on the cowl will indicate that you are not an office monkey!!) I am also quite smitten with the Ship Disturber which might become my favorite “time off” “casual” go to. It is perfect for those casual gatherings that you agreed to attend but as the day approaches you would rather just put on your jammies and curl up on the couch. It is like an adult / dressed up version of a sweatshirt but it has amazing contours and great printwork. I love that it is long-ish and has a thick waist panel. Stellar piece! My other love is the tshirt dress. The printed tshirt dress is perfect for a gal who needs options. It can be a summer bathing suit coverup. It can be a slouchy tshirt. It can be a dress over pants. It can be layered with a longsleeve or turtleneck underneath. It can be worn with tights. It can be worn front to back or back to front. It is the easy peasy no effort but super adorable tshirt dress! (And super affordable BTW.)   

Oh…and before we part…check out this shop review for HGTV’s blog: http://www.hgtv.ca/BLOG/archive/2009/09/27/shop-review-love-me-boutique-in-halifax.aspx

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