New & Cozy in Store: CBE Hoodies

There’s something new and cozy on the shelves today:  a new shipment of hoodies from Clothing Brand Experiment (CBE).

CBE started as an experiment to make a perfect hoody that is locally made using locally sourced fabric. Owners of that original neon hoody (which we’ve sold out of) get to join the experiment and become “wearholders“.  The experiment with that first hoody must have been a success, because they’ve got a couple of new styles out for Fall 2009 – and we’re carrying three of them.

Freeman Classic:



Freeman Slim:


The Freeman style is named after/inspired by Freeman Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – the northernmost neighbourhood in Brooklyn.

The third style on our shelves is the Humboldt Classic:


We’re carrying this one in grey.  The Humboldt is named after/inspired by the Puerto Rican Festival in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

These hoodies need to be tried on to be believed. They are super cozy and warm. The thumb holes in the sleeves are a great touch.  They might just be the perfect sweatshirt for a chilly Saturday afternoon.


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