November 5, 2009 – To my daughter, who just turned four, everything about underwear is funny. And I have to say I kinda agree. The very word “underpants” makes me smile. So I say go with it (the sillies) and have fun with your undergarments. My favorites – the Candi Factory undies of course! Candice Levine is the artisan behind (he he he) these fabulous underwear for men and women. She has a keen sense of colour and has crazy fun with print and pattern.



Adorable, non?? But(t…seriously how old am I?) the best part is the fact that are super comfy.  They are made with suplex. This man made material is the same stuff that athletic manufacturers are using to prevent chaffing and encourage wicking – good stuff, I assure you.

We have been carrying this line since we opened and have only heard and experienced really great stories. One male customer was given a pair by his girlfriend and subsequently asked for many pair for Christmas and birthdays. One female customer purchased a pair, wore them the next day to work and returned to the store on her way home to buy two more pair b/c “they are just so freakin’ comfortable – and cute!!” And if you are like any four year I know, it is important to have the undies drawer filled with fun & happy undies because you never know when you’ll want to peel off your clothes and dance around in your favorite underwear.

I don’t really want to drop the H bomb on you but.. it wouldn’t be right to not give you adequate warning. These babies sell out fast – especially as – here it comes – holiday gifts. These are great gifts for lover, brother, sister, mother, best friend – you name it. Great gift idea. Because as Candice has said, “they’ll love your bum for years to come”.



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2 responses to “Undies!!

  1. These are my favorite! I have a few pair and they are so unbelievably comfortable, and super cute too!

  2. Heather

    Who doesn’t love dancing around in their undies??!!
    I’ll be getting my hunny a pair for Christmas!

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