I Got Chills…and they are multiplyin’

November 18, 2009 – Haven’t we been having the most stunning late fall/early winter? This year I might actually get the lights on the house without doing the “blow into your hand dance” and see the Holiday Parade without doing the “tap out the frostbite dance”. Yes – we must count our lucky glass ornaments for this gorgeous sun.

Now, gorgeous sun being said, the past few nights I definately felt the nippiness. For me the nip is a reminder of COLD that is to come. Well thankfully – from woven wools, to felts, to cottons and cordoroy – we have the chills covered here at Love, Me.

Prolific weaver Nancy Boyne dropped a great collection of scarves and shawls as well as some stunning mohair throw blankets. (Ooooooh makes me want to curl up and nap.)

Local sewing maven Pip Robins dropped off a stack of cowls to keep our necks warm. What is a cowl?? This is a cowl… 

Pip Robins’ cowls are often made with rescued materials are a simple “tube” style cowl that fits in or outside your coat. Added bonus: the cowls are reversible.

We are also stocked in hats of  reversible cotton (Meversible Hats), of  boiled wool and knitted wool/cotton (T-Art), and of a faux fur nature (Leave Your Hat On). OOOOOhhhh – and if your legs are more cold than head or neck, Leave Your Hat On whipped up some rocking faux fur legwarmers! I KNOW!!!!

And finally we received a sweet stock of wooly accessories like pins, bangles, purses and wallets too!





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