New Artwork

December 11, 2009 – While the store is fully stocked with all things for Holiday giving – ornaments, stocking stuffers, you name it – we also just installed our newest exhibition.

The latest work is a collection of mixed media paintings from Sarah Gibeault.

Sarah Gibeault’s mix media works are both vibrant and playful. These works are built up with washes of colour, areas of dense colour that appear to be poured straight from the can and marks taken from her textiles work that are directly influenced by the land. Drawing plays a strong roll in the form of figurative, architectural and decorative. They are found both pasted over painted areas of work or drawn directly on the surface as are ornamental shapes. These works take us to communities nestled into the country side, to there backyards deep inside whimsical gardens and further into the interiors of there homes. The creation of these spaces are made up of pieces both fictional and factual. They are brought together in a tongue and check manner to form a non-linear narrative that has been pulled from child hood, her time spent in Halifax and abroad. 

Sarah was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and has lived in Peterborough since 1989. Over this span of time she has also found herself studying on the East Coast at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design and traveling abroad in search of concepts and aesthetics.

These works are so calming and perfectly delightful. Unfortunately, as with many artworks, the photographs do not do the work justice. When you are out and about, come on it and check these out in person (and then pick up some other fantastic holiday gift ideas).

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