December 22, 2009 – Hello Holiday Shoppers! This notice is to let you know that Love, Me’s last day for Holiday shopping will be tomorrow – December 23, 2009. As much as I/we would love to be around for all you last minute shoppers, there is a special Christmas Eve package that needs tending to. As many of you have noted, I am pregnant and was due at the end of January. Well…someone else had different plans. I was admitted to the hospital Sunday night and am currently on bed rest awaiting my delivery/surgery slot on the 24th. My mother – god bless ‘er – will be womaning the shop today and tomorrow as we try to do our best to not inconvience you while at the same time keeping me and baby in the good health books. This has obviously come on quickly and unexpectedly and thusly I had not prepared the reigns to be handed over. That all being said..we will open in the New Year but we will just have to keep you all posted on the details and specifics. Stay tuned to Facebook and to Twitter and to the blog.

Happy Holidays to you all! I will see you in 2010!



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  1. oh, what timing that little baby has! good luck with the surgery – wish I was there to help out in the shop.

  2. Jennifer

    WoW !!!!! What a perfect little christmas present. Don’t forget those baby pics!! You’ll LOVE them! the week ending Jan 9 would be perfect. Call me when you get a chance.
    Have a crazy holiday and a happy new year. hugs

  3. Lisa Y

    Wow! Happy Holidays to you and all of yours!!!

  4. Rhia

    Oh Wow!

    Good luck with everything, stay well!


  5. oh wow! congrats in advance!

  6. Oh my! I am so not in the loop. Wow. I hope all is well. Happy New Year! H was 5.5 weeks early too. Take care of yourself. xoxox Shelagh

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