January Contest: We’re looking for handmade goodies

January 18, 2010 – We’re always on the lookout for new handmade Canadian goodies.  We search high and low through craft fairs, One of A Kind trade shows, and Etsy in order to find things we love and want to share with you. But sometimes, the best way to find an artist is through word of mouth.  That’s how we found the fantastic felted creatures, pillows and tea cozies from Heart Felt. It’s a big country, so if Marilyn’s daughter hadn’t come into the store, we might never have found her in Saskatchewan. 

So that’s why we’re turning to you: Who is your favourite Canadian artist/artisan?  Is there handmade work out there that we should know about? 

The rules for suggesting something are:

  1. It has to be Canadian.
  2. It has to be handmade (or a small-run business).
  3. It isn’t already sold in the store.

Otherwise, it’s a free for all. Suggest clothing, accessories, housewares, toys. You name it, we’ll look into it.

And as a thank you for helping us find artists, your name will go in a draw for a $10 gift certificate if we use your suggestion.

You can send us your suggestions by email , twitter or by commenting on this post.  Or you can stop by the store and let us know (we’ll be here on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). 

Contest closes on January 31. We look forward to hearing from you!



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3 responses to “January Contest: We’re looking for handmade goodies

  1. Ooooo Jenny Clark pottery! Please please please! http://jennyclarkpottery.com/

    It’s sold in some galleries on Ontaio, but no real ‘shops’, so it counts, right? I chipped my favourite mug (one of hers, of course) and would looooove to browse for a replacement (or a whole set).

  2. ooh! do you have Garnish jewellery in the store yet?

    I have these, they are so lovely!

  3. Daisy Chia’s handmade toy monkeys: Toy Chia

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