Valentines with a Shibang

January 25, 2010 – Just as they were putting Christmas chocolates on sale, stores were displaying Valentines candy and cards. A bit too early for us.  But as February gets closer, we’re breaking out the red and the hearts (well, breaking out more red and hearts!). 

One of our favourite Valentine ideas comes from Robyn Stephens of Shibang Designs.  We like her felt appliquéd purses for any time of the year, but right now we’re smitten with the hearts on her coin purses, pencil cases and cosmetic bags.

 They’d make a great gift on their own or you could fill them with other goodies.  You could hide some jewelery in a coin purse. Put some gift certificates or tickets into the pencil case (movies, concerts, or maybe plane tickets if you’re surprising your sweetheart with a holiday).  You could fill the cosmetic case with something sweet (candy) or naughty (maybe a little something something from Venus Envy). Your call. Either way, I’m pretty sure the Shibang will be a hit.


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