A Farmer’s Market Favourite

February 1, 2010 –  No, not Mary’s cinnamon rolls or Chef Darren’s wraps (two of L-A’s market favourites). This is a different kind of favourite from the Market: Angry Sheep Designs

You might remember Shauna Jones’ unique handpainted clothing and wonder why she hasn’t been at the Market lately. Well, she’s relocated to Whitehorse. Fortunately for Haligonians, we’re carrying her t-shirts and underwear. 

Shauna started painting clothing because she was sick of the finding the same old cookie cutter things at the mall.  That’s probably why she’s such a great fit for our store.

The underwear could make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Because nothing says “I love you” quite like underwear with construction equipment or breakfast foods (for both men and women) on them does.

Here’s a few of the designs by Shauna that you’ll find in the store:

We also have onesies with Shauna’s custom designs on them for the wee ones in your life.


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