T’s Event 2010 Designers: Veronica MacIsaac

February 22, 2010 – This week we’re going to profile some of the designers who will be taking your old t-shirt and turning them into a one-of-a-kind design that you’ll be proud to wear.  We’ll match you with one of these designers based on the info you give us on your T’s Submission Form.

Our first designer of the week is new to the T’s Event and we’re excited to have her join us. Veronica MacIsaac became a designer because she was tired of wearing unstylish Celtic clothing. And because she had a head full of ideas on how to make a Celtic girl look great.

And while she designs custom pieces that can make you look amazing in your family tartan, they’re pretty enough for those of us without family tartans.

Her ready-to-wear collection, made with bamboo cotton, is another example that she’s got the skills to turn your t-shirt into something special:

Having seen Veronica’s work at Atlantic Fashion Week and the Halifax Crafters’ shows, I’m excited to see what she’ll create with the t-shirt submissions.


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One response to “T’s Event 2010 Designers: Veronica MacIsaac

  1. Lori Gallant

    I love Veronica MacIsaac’s celtic designs, they are the nicest I have seen in tartan. I will be sure to order for my next event.

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