Local Jewellery Roundup

April 14, 2010 – As you know, we’re always on the lookout for new artists and for shiny new things. That’s why we’re excited about the new jewellery we’re carrying by three local artists.

Seabright Soul

Coming from, you guessed it, Seabright, are the shadowbox necklaces by artist Lisa MacDormand.

Her shadowbox pendants are really funky pieces, using images from vintage travel and movie posters or stamps.  They’re made from hand cut glass and silver solder.  If you’re looking for jewellery that makes a statment, Seabright Soul is for you.  And the necklaces come in the cutest boxes ever:


Jessie Tesolin Glass

 Jessie’s lampwork beads make for lovely pendants and earrings. Each bead is individually made by melting glass with a propane and oxygen fueled torch.  We really love how the silvery bits inside the glass really pick up the colours and the light.

Interesting fact about Jessie: she’s a cellist and has played with Hey Rosetta!  (one of our favourite bands – we often play their music in the store).


Caitlin Barrie

Caitlin is a textile artist and a recent NSCAD grad. Her pendants are made from hand-knit cotton lace over wood or silk lace over polymer clay. There is something delicate and simple about these pieces that we like.

A staff favourite is the white silk lace over blue clay. It’s very pretty and girly and she might have to buy it for herself (that’s the danger of working here: you want to take everything home for yourself!)


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