Spring Art: Shelagh Duffett and Hillary Webb

April 22, 2010 – At Love, Me, springtime means more than just a change in weather (although, we are happy to see the sun). It also means a change in the art on our walls. The artists are completely different from one another: one creates bright folk art paintings, while the other works in textiles. Both are perfect for spring.

When you first walk in the store, you can’t miss the colourful paintings of flowers by Shelagh Duffett.


You may recognize Shelagh’s work. We’ve been carrying her smaller paintings, as well as her photo cards and pocket mirrors, for some time now.  We like her work so much that we asked her if she wanted to create some bigger pieces for the store.  The paintings are fantastic and brighten up the wall over one of the fireplaces.  When she’s not creating art for us, Shelagh writes a popular blog called Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea.  You should check it out just for her amazing photography.

Over the second fireplace is an artist who is new to Love, Me.  Hillary Webb is a textile artist from Toronto. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Hillary is now based out of Halifax while she studies to be a librarian at Dalhousie


Her work is inspired by traditional textile techniques such as natural dyeing and hand embroidery. Hillary draws on influences such as natural order, chaos theory, geometry and astronomy. We think the trees in bloom and pretty birds make for a perfect piece of springtime art.


You can read about Hillary’s inspirations, processes and see more of her work on her blog.


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  1. I’m so glad to see you are carrying work by Hillary Webb! I saw it for the first time at the Halifax Crafters Christmas craft fair and I’ve been meaning to pick up a piece ever since. She has an amazing sense of colour. They are really wonderful.

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