Let’s Ride Bikes

Here at Love, Me, we’re big bike fans.  Friday employee L-A rides a vintage 1963 cruiser to work when the weather is nice.  And we love just about anything with a bike on it.  That’s why the timing of HRM Bike Week (May 28 – June 6) couldn’t be better: we’ve just filled the store with bike themed goodies!

From a long time Love, Me favourite, Jenna Rose, we have bike-themed pillows and scarves.




We also have her sweet sun hats that fit under your bike helmet.


Working out of a Fire Hall in Lunenburg is Kat Miller, who has screenprinted bicycles on pillows, tank tops, and dresses. 


You can accessorize your favourite biking outfit with a broken-hearted pin by Kat:


Or with pins from Regional Assembly of Text:


You can also accessorize your bike seat (and keep your bum dry) with bike seat covers from Ottawa’s Lilybug:



Summer weather is coming, so tune up your bike and hit the streets in style.



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2 responses to “Let’s Ride Bikes

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  2. i like velvet seat covers because the texture is very special and i find it easy to clean ,:*

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