New Jewellery in Store

May 27, 2010 – Two new and very different styles of jewellery have arrived in the store.  One is pretty and light, the other pretty and bold. Both have a definite touch of whimsy.

Vanessa Neily

Vanessa is a NSCAD grad and local jeweler found through the Halifax Crafters shows.  Her earrings are a perfect choice for spring.  The branch earrings have a lovely, delicate look to them. So delicate that a customer thought they might be made of porcelain.

The earring are a bit tougher than the customer thought, as they are made with enamel and tatting done in cotton thread.  They have a look of a tree in bloom, which could make them the perfect accessory if you’re headed to the Apple Blossom Festival this coming weekend.

She also uses the tatted cotton in her enamel rings

and in the picot earrings, which can be adjusted to be as dangly as you like.  The picot earrings have a light look to them that makes them great for  work or you can make them really long for an evening out.

Anneke Van Bommel

Toronto based artist Anneke van Bommel (also a NSCAD grad) makes jewellery (and prints!) that are fun for the fan of Canadiana and getting out to the cottage.

She finds her inspiration in things like cabin interiors and vintage history textbooks and her wooden jewellery has a definite sense of being souvenirs of Canada.

Her jewellery could also be a great gift for fans of Twin Peaks:


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