New Noujica for Summertime

May 31, 2010 – A winter favourite in the store was the line of scarves and hoods by Montreal’s Noujica.  As the weather warms up and we pack away the cold weather Noujica, we’re looking forward to wearing the new summer accessories from this line.

The brains behind Noujica, textile artist Catherine Cournoyer and glass artist Jinny Levesque, have handcrafted their Spring/Summer 2010 collection using organic cotton and linen and recycled leather. The result are fun accessories, some that can be worn more ways than one.  For example, their linen scarf can double as a cute shrug:

while the multi-function belt doubles as a jaunty scarf:

The elasticized linen belt is made with recycled leather and would be great for belting a loose dress or oversized men’s shirt:

Similar to the winter collection, Noujica has an organic cotton neck warmer that is reversible. The neckwarmer is a unisex design that comes in colours and screenprinted patterns that both men and women will like.  This lighter version of the neckwarmer is great for cooler spring days or summer evenings (or air conditioned offices):

Stop by to try some of these accessories on. You’ll find that Noujica is an easy way to add a little something  extra to your summer wardrobe.


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