TOP SECRET: Team Sleep Operatives Spotted

June 14, 2010 – Agents of Team Sleep, a secret government organization, have been spotted at Love, Me.  These agents are dedicated to providing children with adequate protection from things that go bump in the night.  Agents are assigned to children to ward off the scary things at night and ensure a peaceful sleep. They are well trained and know the enemy: they were freelance and retired monsters before they were recruited by Team Sleep. 

Some agents to watch for are:



A founding member of the Team, Huggsy uses his giant arms and indestructible body to protect his assignment.



This agent escaped from the Sydney Tar Ponds in 1994 and uses his gelatinous body to engulf and absorb anything that might threaten his assignment.



Even when he’s sleeping, Peeps has at least three eyes open. This ensures that no scary things sneak by and that he’s always rested and ready to go.


The newest member of the Team, Sneakers is a vegetarian vampire bunny. Carrots help her see in the dark and her ninja like moves means she never makes a sound as she patrols for baddies.

Contact Love, Me if you would like a field agent assigned to protect your little one.  This entry will self destruct in 3…2…1…


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One response to “TOP SECRET: Team Sleep Operatives Spotted

  1. nadine Rioux

    Hi there,
    I met the couple that makes the Team Sleep stuffed toys, at the forum Christmas fair (I was another vendor-Amiba). I am looking to get in touch with them but their website seems to be down. I was wondering if my email could be forwarded to them to touch base with me.

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