New Art on the walls: Incidental Topographies by Sydney Lancaster

June 18, 2010 – If you’re familiar with the store, you know that we are fans of recycling and upcycling.  We have our Ts Event to recycle your old t-shirts and we carry upcycled pieces of clothing by designers like Five Surprises, Morena, and Orphanage.  So it should come as no surprise that we are enamored with the artwork of Sydney Lancaster.

 Sydney’s mixed media pieces uses found objects such as copper, birch bark, cardboard, as well as beeswax, maps and paint.  She brings together these elements to explore themes of topography: how we map our sense of place and our sense of belonging or lack of it.  Her work traces the connections between physical objects, the landscape in which they are found, and the personal or mental maps that are conjured by these objects.

An Edmonton based artist, Lancaster has spent the past year living in Halifax. This temporary move gave her the opportunity to explore and experience the differences of history, space, and landscape.  The result of these explorations are a beautiful collection, and we’re lucky enough to have three pieces available in the store. 


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