Who Wants Candy?

Remember getting fifty cents for allowance on Fridays and running down to the local convenience store and blowing it all on penny candy to eat while watching Murder She Wrote? No? That was just me? Nowadays I am sure allowances are higher and I know there is no such thing as penny candy (for shame!) But in the good ol’ days of the early eighties a swedish berry, gummy bear, or fuzzy peach would run you a whole cent. Oh my daughter would go nuts today with her kitty bank full of pennies!

If you are nostalgic for days past of sweet candy goodness, you are gonna love our newest artist, Emma Gerard. Emma has crafted fun and silly candy jewellery from gorgeous coloured glass.  But damned if it doesn’t look like the jiggy sugar stuff!


Gummie Bears, Swedish Berries, and Fuzzy Peaches OH MY!

I don’t want to harp on the obvious but another summer is coming to a close. And we are not getting any younger. But I think, with a piece of Emma Gerard “candy” around our neck, we might actually have found a fountain of summer youth – when threw on our shorts and sneakers, wolfed down our breakfast, took off on our bikes, ate candy for the day, and then returned home just in time for dinner. Good times. Come on down to the shop and pick a piece for yourself and then wear it proudly saying “Like, OH MY GOD, I look like, so freakin’ adorable!” (Ok. My youth was peppered with Valley Girl speak.)

So now I leave you with this 80’s treat:



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2 responses to “Who Wants Candy?

  1. Lisa Y

    Wow these are SO cute! I’m going to have to go get some of these!

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