Miles of Bliss

When I was in my early teens, my father brought the family to an evening motorcross event. In true teen fashion, I would have rathered stayed home to watch MTV or read V.C. Andrews or something and pouted the whole way there. Downing a couple of hotdogs and rootbeers, I spent the next couple of hours listening to the high-pitched eeeeeee of the mini bikes, the groan of the motorcycles and the roar of the crowds. I was enchanted. I have yet to return to another motorcross event but our next Love, Me exhibition is making me feel nostalgic for the colours, the sounds, the smells, and the speeeeeeeeeed.

Miles of Bliss is a collection of paintings and drawings by the local artist and motorcyclist Anna Stowe. Anna celebrates motorbikes in work that is full of colour and movement; You can almost feel a woosh of air and hear the highpitch eeeeee as the bikes whip past.


I am super smitten with this collection. The colours are so brilliant – orange, red, teal. I adore that Anna’s dirt flecks are in multi-colours and look like confetti. You MUST come and see these works in person. Better still, come to the opening reception and meet Anna. Warning: you will want to don a helmet and ride yourself and your new painting home on a motorbike.

Oh! Anna also has some great tees  here at Love, Me which you should definately check out.

So join us – Friday, September 17 from 5-7 pm. And even though it does not evoke the speed protrayed in Anna’s work, I leave you with this line from a gorgeous Hawksley Workman song – Ilfacombe – which captures the freedom of a motorcycle: “This summer I am gonna get us a motorbike – something with some saddlebags that we can pack a picnic in. This summer I am gonna get us a motorbike – something cheap on gasoline to get us into town and back.”


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