Back to School

I think now that the air has a crispness, I am slowly digesting the fact that fall is here. Sure school started last week but there was still a bit of heat making “back to school” seem like a big hoax. But with the grocery store shelves depleated of Kraft Dinner and Ramen Noodles, it is hard to deny that we are officially back to school and fall is here.

Now I know what my primary school aged daughter insisted on as back to school gear – pink & princess – but what do you need in your school supplies? With Love, Me’s right hand gal, L-A, heading off for more schooling (whoop whoop), we have dialed into cool adult school gear. 

Gone are the days of spiral-bound note taking and here are the days of laptop. And even though laptops are now the size and weight of my morning toast, you still need a sturdy bag to carry them, their accessories plus all your personal needs. If I were a student or a laptop my first bag choice would be a Mari Cla Ro.

Mari Cla Ro is a line of recycled bags that are distinct and durable. These gorgeous unisex bags are 99% recycled with only 1% making up new thread and their logo/label. Isn’t that amazing? The bags are constructed of car seat leather and upholstery, seat belts, car buckles, bike and truck tire inner tubes, and truck tarps. But eco-ness aside, these are kickin’ bags.


In stock at Love, Me: laptop sleeves, the laptop bags, the artemis, the freya, and the cadillac.

For those of you looking for an alternative to the above style of laptop sleeve, Love, Me is also fully stocked with Shibang laptop and ipad cases (as well as her clutches, cosmetic cases, coin purses and ipod cases). Purty indeed!



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  1. laptop bags using natural leather is my choice because natural leather is much softer and looks better ‘:*

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