Seaside Cozy

I am super excited about one of Love, Me’s newest artist additions. Welcome PMO Designs! I stumbled upon PMO in the summer and they quickly moved to the top of my “i can’t wait to put these out for the holidays” list. And when I rec’d them, (clapped with joy,) and displayed them all together, I determined that they emote “Seaside Cozy” or “Holiday by the Sea” – delicate white porcelain, drippy cool aqua glaze, knitted cozies in white, grey, and black.

Imagine, if you will, a cozy evening this holiday season. You are curled under a warm blanket (we have gorgeous hand woven ones in merino wool!) with this lovely ceramic white tealight house lit…

While you bask in the glow, you eat warm cookies and drink your tea from this porcelain cup and cozy

or a hot chocolate and Bailey’s in this fun “tipsey” leaning tower of Pisa mug.

And while I may not be holidaying in a seaside cottage, these items might just give me (or you and yours) that same comfort and cozy feeling.


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  1. i triple heart the tea mug and cozies. awesomeness!

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