Did You Know?

Here is something I hear time and time again in my shop, especially during the holidays. “Oh! I want everything! I wish I could buy my own gifts.”

When I in my tweens and my mom was a single mom, she put a lovely cream mohair toque under the tree with a label “from Santa”. Even though I was old enough to know it wasn’t from Mr. Claus, I thought the whole thing was magical. My mom was her own Santa and I thought she was so cool for doing that.

Now, while I absolutely support the act of gifting yourself, I know many people can’t get behind it. So…Love, Me created the wish list (aka the gift registry). While our gift registry can definately be used by new mamas and future newlyweds, our gift registry is most popular in circumstance where someone has a deep love for one or more items in our store but feel they shouldn’t buy for themselves.

How does it work? You come in, you write down things you love, and then when someone asks what would you like for your birthday/anniversary/Christmas/ Hanukkah / Winter Solstice / Kwanza, you can point them in the direction of Love, Me. The whole process can take place in person, but has also worked over the phone. (Read: parents calling from away and wanting to purchase something off the list and have it wrapped for pickup.) We don’t deliver but we do all the rest (if needed).

Do you have a Love, Me wish list? Everything in my store delights me (as a general rule) but there are a few awesome things I would put on my list:

Bone n’ Cozy Cup from PMO Designs

Porcelain tealight house by PMO Designs

An artwork by Knotted Nest

or one of Sydney Lancaster gorgeous new “key” mini works or a Kyle Jackson love horn.

Cashmere hotwater bottle cozy by Honey Creweller (HC also has some yummy lined double cashmere mittens that would be a great treat as well. Just sayin’.)

But that is just me. I am diggin’ anything that means cozy and nesting (because I have the worst head cold EVA!)


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