Shopping and Stuff

I am pasting a portion of a great, wise, to-the-point post on shopping handmade from Tara Gentile over at Scoutie Girl.

3 Reasons to Pay More For Your Stuff:

1. support an individual.

when you pay for something – say $30 for a t-shirt instead of $10 – you are paying a real person, who lives in a community very much like yours, for their time and skill. you’re opting out of the system of poverty that allows corporations to pay so much less than a living wage (whether in america or abroad). you’re choosing to pay someone what you’d like to get paid for the same work.

2. support an economy.

you know that global recession we’ve just started coming out of? i am convinced that part of the problem is our unwillingness to recognize the true value of the stuff we consume. when we inflate the value of executing the management of a company and put little to no value on the products it produces, most of us lose out. and when people like you and i lose out, we don’t have the money to consume much of anything – creating recession.

by choosing to pay more for better products, we help support job creation throughout the economy.

3. support yourself.

ugh. the need to consume is so draining! when you pay more for better products, you’re less likely consume quite so many in the never ending cycle of “i need this.” you’ll feel free be more conscious of each buying decision you make. when you cut out the $1-here or $5-there purchases you can purchase quality, design, and uniqueness. you can complement your life with stuff that reflects your value[s] instead of filling your life with stuff that has none.

Read the whole 3 Reasons to Pay More For Your Stuff article here.

Also, if you are interested, I wrote a guest post about the subject of stuff over at Eco Yogini – called A Conversation About Stuff. (Be sure to read the comments b/c I continue some thoughts that I didn’t really get into there as do some other thoughtful commentors.)


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