Love, Me Press Gang – Anneke van Bommel and Cameron Maclean

I love beautiful smart design. And this chair is just that.  

So I wasn’t surprised when I read a feature on Design Sponge about this chair-ific collaboration between Anneke van Bommel and Cameron Maclean. We first met Anneke in May 2010 via a box of fun Canadiana inspired jewellery. (Seriously your flannel is not complete without one of Anneke’s wooden axe or log brooches.)

Cameron only joined the Love, Me bunch early December with his gorgeous wooden clocks (we coined them the sexy man clock b/c they are sexy and it is a clock your guy would totally dig), wooden vases, and those killer wooden skate guards. Remember those? No? Oh yah, that is because they sold out the week they arrived.


I love the chair collaboration they did for the Made at Home exhibition for the Toronto International Design show – smart “upcycling” with beautiful skill and crafts(wo)manship equals stunning results. Congrats you two!

Design Sponge article


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