Love Me Some FlapJacks

I adore pancakes and crepes. Whether I am eating banana pancakes or buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberries or crepes, I like ’em lightly bathed with Canadian maple syrup. And while I DO NOT like breakfast in bed, I think making someone breakfast is a very romantic gesture. With Valentines Day fast approaching, there is a perfect opportunity to make a lovely breakfast for those we love. If you are thinking flapjacks with maple syrup, I think you need to check these out:

These gorgeous ceramic syrup containers are made by Montreal artist Marianne Chenard. These containers are so deliciously Canadiana with screened prints of falling maple leaves, RCMP musical ride imagery, beavers, farm houses, and sugar shacks as well as floral, bird, and feather motifs. They have that “found in a small town antique shop” feel with the refined look of something handcrafted.

Now if your sweetie is not into syrup (who is not into syrup??) but you have plans to travel abroad, Marianne has sent us a small number of “souvenir” sized syrup containers as well. One of these adorable minis plus a small maple syrup from NS would make a great gift from the visiting Canadian, don’t you think?

Oh! Marianne also sent us two of her ceramic framed art pieces. I am a bit gaga over the Queen.


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