I heart breakfast

I heart breakie. I really do love me some breakfast. (See previous post – more breakfast talk.)  My good ol’ standby is oatmeal with “sprinkles” (ground flax, crushed walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds). Mmmmm. With a hot cuppa joe…nothing betta!

So when Bethany Butterworth of Bread and Butter pottery brought in her latest wares, I knew this would make the mostest awesome cereal lovers Valentine’s gift. Picture this – your cereal lover wakes up groggy on Valentines morning (Monday February 14!) to find a hot cuppa joe in his/her heart mug and steaming oatmeal in his/her heart bowl (perhaps with “sprinkles”?) You are gonna win big points.

Bread and Butter Pottery is the sweetest pottery stamped & painted with either red and orange or blue and green hearts. How awesome!! Seriously! Even if your Valentine doesn’t enjoy hot bevies and cereal, these items can be used for anything: soup, hot toddies, stashing your jewellery, potting plants…


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