To Di(orama) For

When I opened a recent box of “arrivals”, I was immediately taken back to a place of glue, glitter, paint and shoeboxes – dioramas! DIORAMAS! How many shoeboxes my poor mom had to seek out for all the school dioramas my brothers and I had to create. I specifically remember an “under the sea” themed one: hanging fish, corals, rocks and lotsa blue paint.

Dioramas are three dimensional natural scenes made using minatures. They can be large museum sized or small shoebox school project sized but either way they are super cool. You know who else loves dioramas? Jenifer Forrest.

Jenifer Forrest is the creator behind the accessory line Bennie and Olive. The printed line of vinyl eyeglass cases, coin purses, luggage tags have partial images of Jenifer’s own dioramas. Seriously! Dioramas! 

As a creative excercise, Forrest dreamed up and built miniture scenes with objects in her studio as a means of escaping the structure, stresses, and the everyday processes of being a designer. “Slowly her studio was being reclaimed as a place of creativity and peace. The transformation of the everyday cardboard boxes, newspapers, and wire into the foundations of these idyllic spots energized Jenifer as she saw new worlds take shape that were for her and her alone.” (from the Bennie and Olive blog)


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