The MacKay Bridge

As was made evident in yesterday’s post, I have a nostalgic pull toward miniatures “scenes”. As a kid I was always building little worlds with dolls, with lego, with cardboard, crayons and glue. So it is no surprise that I have fallen head over heals with Elly Mackay (aka theatreclouds).

Elly Mackay creates magic in Owen Sound, Ontario. Her dreamy characters and environments are painted on Yupo paper (a plasticy filmy paper), staged, then lit (with thin tissue layers), and captured through photography. The end result is enchanting.

I love how her images allow your imagination to journey to wonderful worlds where flowers are grown in golden braids, paper boats are lost at sea and little boys carry beached whales back into the ocean. Her images are like waking from a beautiful and haunting dream that seemed so real you have a hard time getting out of bed to face the real world. Elly Mackay is really the bridge between adult and childhood, reality and dream, the immortal and ephemerial. (And yes I am playing on “bridge” and Mackay and its Halifax-ness. I have a head cold. Cut me some slack.)

Elly (who went to NSCAD btw) is a trained artist, illustrator and educator. “My work often tells a moment in a story, and often plays with the themes of childhood, and the ephemeral. I look to my own childhood, my experiences as a mother, Victorian curiosities, vintage book illustrations,  and set design. I have recently begun working on a larger scale, creating installations.”

Follow Elly’s forays in to the world of paper art on her blog.


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