Spring in your Step

I saw someone in shorts today. Sure the sun was out, but it was a whopping 4 degrees! The site of this weather pushers chilly little legs make me quiver. But I get it. I am as ready as the next person for a little hot spring day warmth. And for me, warm is not 4 degrees. And so what is one to do to satisfy our (or is it just me?) need to stay in warmth of winter’s wool but welcome the Spring/Summer fashion season with the colour and joy it deserves? Accessories!

Feathers are a trend that is not going away. (It is new bird of a few seasons past.)

Rita Van Tassel’s leather feather jewellery is current and solves all Winter meets Spring wardrobe quandries. I defy anyone to wear one of Rita’s pieces in her current colour palatte of red, turquoise, purple, and gold and not feel ready for Spring and Summer (even if you are not wearing shorts or flipflops. And you shouldn’t be.)

Rita is a homegrown favorite (NS born and raised) and rocks the day job of art teacher. New to Rita’s line are the awesome fabric brooches and some adorable hair pins in gorgeous bright batik printed fabrics (and a few skull prints for you rebels). Come in to Love, Me to check out Rita’s latest work and get a little Spring in your step. (And if I offended any 4 degree short wearers, I apologize. I am just one of those people who is cold until the one heat week of August. It is my California blood I suppose.)


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