Naked Table

As a rule, I don’t ‘advertise’ events on this store blog. The blog is reserved for giving love to the awesome, amazing artists and goodies in the shop. But every once in a while there is something that I think is worthy of my rule breakin’. (Rules are meant to be broken right??) And the following project is such a cool project it needs some props.

The Naked Table Project – a two day course in building your own harvest table from sustainably harvested Nova Scotia wood – is something Love, Me really loves. What is not to love? For $875.00 a team of two learn and build their own cool, sustainable kitchen table. You can’t buy a new (good quality/cool/eco) table for that! And then at the end of the two full day course, all the tables are put end to end and all the participants sit down to enjoy a provided local-food feast at their new table.

I think this would make an awesome wedding present. They get a table, time together and to learn about team work. Ahhhhhh….

For more information check out


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