What’s A Gal To Do?

I am going to try really hard not to bitch and moan about grey and rain other than to state this weather is making me grumpy and reclusive. So instead of getting outside or getting to work on projects post putting the kiddos to bed, I retire to the coziness of the duvet and catch up on bad television. Sometimes that involves a little (no judging…) Gossip Girl. I am the first person to step up and say that this show is the equivalent of Sunny D – it claims to be juice but it is really a cocktail of fructose and canola oil. But alas, when I am feeling like I need a little ridiculous catty fluff, GG fits the bill.

Anyway, I don’t bring up Gossip Girl for any other reason than to say that I enjoyed the earlier seasons “prep school” stylings. Credit is due to GG’s fashion department for bringing back the knotted tie and bow tie. And not just on the fellas. The ladies of GG can rock a tie!






But if you don’t have your own fashion or television stylist, what is a gal to do?? Stop in at Love, Me of course and check out the adorable (and easy to wear and pair) goods from Tweek.

Call the press! These are freakin’ adorable!

Cassandra, the maker behind Tweek, has made looking prep school happenin’ so easy with pin back ties and necklaces. No need to YouTube “how to tie a tie” just throw on a necklace or pin on a brooch on (straight on like above or pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear it on the lapel of your tweed blazer (a la season 4?) or your summer white vest (a la movie #1? 2?). Regardless of what spin you put on it, the Tweek tie accessories are fun!


Not enough tie for you? I think a Tweek hair piece would be awesome for an outdoor wedding party.

Too much tie for you? The tweek bowtie rings are a sweet nod to menswear.

Tweek – a vintage shtick with a different kick. Now at Love, Me.


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