In my mild grumpiness over the lack of sun, I didn’t pick up on the fact that we are on the eve of The Rapture. Yes dear friends, according to radio evangelist Harold Camping, tomorrow marks the end of the world. (Cue R.E.M – It’s the End of the World) The end of the world thing kinda puts a damper in my plans. It totally sucks because I have yet to swim with any dolphins, take my kids camping across Canada, and still haven’t caught myself up on the last season of Weeds!

So today I am highlight some fabulous Love, Me goodies that I think are lovely Rapture treats! Seriously if I have to die, I want to have on my person some gorgeously fantastic stunning fabulousness.

My Rapture treats list would include some enamelled metal and handtatted ring and branch earrings by Vanessa Neilly. A beautiful splurge that I would wear casually and for dressup in the next life.

On my Rapture list would also be a Shibang clutch – white with an electric blue/turqoise flower. I know I probably won’t need money whereever it is that Mr. Camping believes we are going but I need a little punch of crafty sophisticated coolness that sets me apart from the other “travellers”! 

If the world is going to end I will be sure to have on some pretty Smoking Lily underlovelies and be drinking some warm and calming tea in my Kyla Francis upcycled teacup and saucer while my tea warmed under my Smoking Lily teacozy. And that is because I think most crappy thoughts can be fixed with cute undies and a good cuppa tea. Maybe Mr. Camping should come to Love, Me and stock up!


Come in to Love, Me and pick up those items you have been drooling after before its too late. You have until tomorrow at 6pm. (Actually until 5pm. We close at 5pm and I am gonna try and make home before the big BOOM!) All Rapture purchases tomorrow will receive a free wee giftie – just tell me that the item you are buying has you raptured.

Otherwise I will see y’all on the other side.

(Ok. I am kidding. You all know that right??)


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