All Sorts of Pretty

You know a creator loves what she is creating when even her hangtags are beautiful and thoughtful!

Elliven is the happy pretty accessory line of stay at home mom and small indie business gal, Julie. With the most lovely fabrics and notions, Julie’s home sewn flat clutches and wallets make the perfectly functional, perfectly adorable.

Perfect for the summer season of weddings, brunches, baby showers and graduations!

Whether you are wearing a basic neutral outfit and need some colour and zaazaazoo, or a bold outfit that need a simple stylish piece, Elliven fits the bill. The Elliven line has simple solid coloured clutches embellished with un petite peu de zazzley ruffle, to printed cotton clutches, pouches and mini card wallets.


Most recently, the Elliven line has grown to include some downright purty notecards featuring the Elliven “signature” sewn ruffle (also used on her hangtags).


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One response to “All Sorts of Pretty

  1. Gorgeous! She doesn’t make e-reader covers/pouches by any chance does she? I’ve been looking for a zipped fabric pouch for my Kindle.



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