I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.

Ah Queen! You and your bicycle race song could make anyone want to hop on their bicycle and go for a ride. Maybe our fair city should just play it on loudspeakers every morning first thing! Yes this week HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) is running (riding?) bike week. It is a week of raising awareness and generating enthusiasm for all things bike. All good stuff as far as Love, Me is concerned. And many of our artists agree – Tweek has lovely trouser cuffs upcycled from ties and Lilybug has some fun bicycle seat covers made from vinyl. And MariClaRo bags, though much of them are made with automobile interior scraps, they have a line of wallets made from bicycle intertubes.

In my bike fantasies (which include a bucket bike by Madsen and my same steading moved closer to the city so I could bike commute), I would be cruze the city streets like the many European city ladies in dresses with a front basket full of bread, cheese, chocolate, wine and flowers. I would most likely wear this dress we just got in from Device and be heading to a park with a good book and good eats.  


Speaking of European cities and bike week have you seen this You Tube video about bike rush hour in Utrecht? Awesome. That is my fantasy for HRM.


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One response to “I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.

  1. Hello Love, Me boutique!

    I echo your bicycle dreams and wish I had brought my Madsen with me from Edmonton so that we could all go get ice cream together:)

    I am visiting Halifax his week and have heard good things about your store – am hoping to drop by in the next few days.

    See you soon!


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