Summer Begins with an “Oh Crap!”

As I was rushing my daughter off to her 3rd (of 5!) field trips yesterday, I was hit with an “Oh No!” and then a “Crap!” realization that next week is the last week of school and that we are t-minus 7 days away from needing a teacher’s gift. My daughter’s primary teacher is so great and E loves her to bit so I definately do not want to blow this off.

While I run a store full of great handmade gift options, I have a very hands-on, opinionated and crafty kid who will no doubt want to be part of the gifting action. So I needed a gift solution that could involve my kid, be fairly easy to throw together and show a bit more style (and let’s be honest, usefulness) than the standard teacher options from standard stores. (That’s right! No “#1 Teacher” mug here.)

Today I came up with my gift solution: breakie in a bag – simple paper lunch bag (coloured by my kiddo) filled with our yummy homemade blueberry jam, some delish homemade granola, and some mint from our garden dried for tea. And then we will top it off with this great printable  from that has a fill-in “If I could bake my teacher a cake it would look like this” section. It is all sortsa cute.

Now to cute-ify this even more, I will add a Bread and Butter Pottery or a Lola Potts bowl for our granola. Hmmm… or one of the gorgeous mugs… hmmm.

I know you all don’t have oodles of time to make a batch of jam or granola. I hear that. (My jam and granola are already done sooooo….) Don’t worry, Love, Me will not abandon you in your time of need. We have you covered for gift ideas of all shapes, sizes, and price points.

1. A Love, Me gift certificate (any denomination)

2. A gift certificate for an adventure (like sea kayaking!) or a dinner out to celebrate the end of the year put inside a great Elliven zipper pouch ($12+)

3. A locally made wire and vintage button flower bouquet ($15)

4. A locally made ceramic stamped brooch pin by Wendy Shirran ($18)

5. A lovely Joanna Close original. I haven’t met a soul yet who isn’t charmed by Joanna’s cheerful illustrations of beans, beets, carrots, lemon pies and cakes… Pair with something else or give it solo. It will be treasured. I assure you. ($5+)


6. A locally made blank handbound leather journal for him/her to write their novel over the summer break ($40+)

7. A locally made tote from Wanderlust which is both chic and functional for work and play ($58)

8. A sweet locally made birdie brooches made with organic naturally dyed cotton by Onecia ($15)

9. A yummy cupcake soap from an NB soap maker in flavours like blueberry and vanilla cream. ($6.50) Write a thankyou on a Broomhill Pictures postcard or folded card of cupcakes to complete the theme.

10. If your teach has a great sense of humour, a small mini bottle of something in the vain of Wild Turkey and a short tumbler from Kyla Francis may be the perfect send off from you and your child. ($13+)




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