Parks Party

This weekend Parks Canada celebrates 100 years of service. Because I love both the Canadian outdoors and a good party, I am eager to celebrate. So the question for any party…what to wear?

An outdoorsy camp party uniform is the jeans and tshirt.

Local artist Anna Stowe’s “The Way Home” tshirt is a perfect alternative to a plain or logo tshirt.

A lumberjack cowl by Pip Robins is a must, non?

Then add a wooden Canadiana wildlife themed ring by Anneke van Bommel. Sweeeeeeeet.

And because this is a party, we mustn’t forget our flask. This sweet buck is a Hamilton handtooled and dyed leather covered hip flask from Shoot from the Hip.

I can not find any official Parks Canada celebrational events here in Halifax. But that shouldn’t stop us now. We are are half way there. Now all that is left to decide on is the snacks and the music to accompany the drive. Wondering: what is the quintessential Canadian camp song? Anyone?



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4 responses to “Parks Party

  1. Margo

    Here’s a link to all of the NS Provincial Parks – Canada’s Park Day celebrations

    There area activities at Dollar Lake, Porter’s Lake, Uniacke Estates and other locations not too far from Metro Halifax.

    And closer to home there is the Great Backyard Campout on Citadel Hill

  2. Margo

    And if you head down to Keji you will find lots going on including Park’s Day celebrations, an outdoor concert with Old Man Ludecke, BBQ competition and Mi’kmaw celebrations.

  3. Gina

    Off the top of my head, here’s a bit of a range:)
    Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam
    Neil Young’s Heart of Gold and Harvest Moon.

  4. Laura Mather

    Maybe a song off of the “National Parks Project”, produced just in time for the centennial of Parks Canada (really beautiful and showcases Canadian talent!)

    Thanks for the blogpost – I want that flask… I will have to stop by next time I’m in Halifax!

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