Love Me Fun Fact – I am a maker.

I often get asked if I make anything in the shop. While I had a line of textile accessories for a couple of years, I have recently come to embrace my random makingness. I have a shop and two kids and so my making comes in fits and bursts and can run a gamut of media. I make big things, small things, pretty things, not so pretty things, functional things, just to look at things, foodie things, and wee little happy, silly, sometimes cranky, always hungry, growing, talking things. And I love it all.

Love, Me Fun Facts is a series of videos created to answer or respond to some of our customers burning questions or thoughtful comments. They are our version of FAQs. Enjoy.



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6 responses to “Love Me Fun Fact – I am a maker.

  1. Garth

    Love the band!

  2. You are so awesome Chara!!!! I love, love, love your fun facts-from the opening yell to the I made this band line-totally wonderful & I can’t wait to see more!

  3. grrr. work must be blocking the video site. i’ll have to wait until i get home to see it.

  4. hahahah LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  5. Great video. Love the site, love all the handmades! Will def visit next time I’m in Halifax 🙂

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