Swap and Make

The Love, Me Boutique B Swap is less than a week away! Fabric bundles, scrap bags and buttons OH MY!

This swap is a great way to refreshen your stocks of fabric and buttons. You may a couple of stacks of fabric kicking around from a completed project or a shoebox of scrap all in the same palatte or theme. This is a perfect opportunity to freshen things up.

So what can one do with small “samplings” or scraps of fabric? LOTS!!


Yo-Yos! (no not the wood string kind but the fun fabric embellishment kind)


Scallopped Fabric Bunting


Quilty Coasters (like these purty Denise Schmidt ones shown in the above image)

Scrap Dollies and Stuffed Toys

Teeny ornaments (Christmas is coming!!)

Scrap fabric collage art (like this or this one made by a four year old)

Bring back the 90’s with a hair scrunchie!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

Participation in the swap is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Check out the events tab at the top of our page or click…here to get the scoooooop. And then join us this Saturday, August 13th 2-4pm for some hot scrappy fabric swapping action.


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