Creative Fires – Burn Baby Burn

Hello September. I am not sure how I feel about seeing you here in my calendar. I am not ready to mourn summer full-out and embrace fall but I am also open to your regularity and routine. But only somewhat. Kiddos are going back to school. Life will get more structured. And then soon enough we will be turning the calendar over to 2012.

Errrrrrrt? (Enter sound of a record needles drawn across vinyl.)

No wait! Stop! We still have some adventure left in us! We still have some energy! And zest! And desire! (and apparently a lot of exclaimation points.)

If Summer is the time to flake out and fill our energy stores, then Fall is the time to put those energy stores to use. And that means CREATE and let our creative fires burn.

Instead of chillaxin’ in those last weeks of Summer, Love, Me has been collaborating with some super cool creatives and produced two great new Creative Programs. Full details are available on our Events page. But here is a little overview.


If someone gave you a blank canvas and paint, what would you do? Would you hesitate? Would you think and think and think some more? Would you wait for the perfect image to inspire you? Would you feel intimidated? Would yearn to make your mark but feel too self-conscious and timid to even put down a stroke?


Don’t let that blank canvas hold you back from exploring colour, piling on the texture, and letting your inner artist out.

NOW is your chance to let your artistic fire burn brightly.

Join Love, Me Boutique in welcoming four diverse painters in a painting workshop series for beginners who are ready to move from desire to fire. Each one of our celebrated painters paints from a place of love and joy as well as having lots of techniques and skills. MAD SKILLZ YO!

But this workshop series is not about the skills. This series is about working with 4 amazing artists who are ready to walk you through the process of blank white intimidation to colourful transformation with each artist utilizing a different focus/theme (citylife, still life, figurative).

Join us for any of the four workshops or, for the full experience, all four (at a great discount). Each artist comes from different training, different techniques, and a different perspective to share.

Your fees include basic supplies to use during the workshop. (But feel free to bring your own. It is time to crack those jars of paint wide open!)

Artists: Kyle Jackson (September 16), Daina Deblette Scarola (September 23), Shelagh Duffett (September 30), Lindsay Hicks (October 7)

All workshops are Friday nights 6-8:30pm.

Workshop space is limited. Registration is required. To avoid disappointment register on-line here or in person at Love, Me Boutique. Payment is required in advance.


YOU love photography but you take the same photos over and over the same exact way.

YOU love your camera but you never really take it out except the odd family function.

YOU love meeting new like-minded people and having interesting experiences but you rarely step-out.

YOU like yummy fresh sweetly packaged lunches. No buts.

YOU are in need of a photographic adventure pronto!

Saturday, September 17, join photographer/painter/blogger/creative Shelagh Duffett and some new friends for a group photo adventure through the Public Gardens and the Spring Garden Road areas finishing with a packaged lunch (included). Shake off the sleepiness of summer. Rev up your creative eye. Get out and see your city through a new lens.

This adventure has a limited registration to provide a more intimate learning/sharing environment. To avoid disappointment, be sure not to delay in purchasing your ticket. Registration/tickets can be purchased online here or in person at the shop. Also be sure to check out the events page for FAQs related to this event.


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