I can fix all your problems. Well, a lot of them. Especially this one: “I need a gift for …. and he/she has EVERYTHING.” Love, Me Boutique’s solution also works for any invitation which reads: “don’t bring gifts”. Or for when you are dreading finding yet another gift for yet another kid birthday party. The Love, Me solution is about giving you a gift that meets your criteria for unique, fun, cost effective (read under $20), and best of all – effortless.

Fixing all your gift giving problems in a timely, affordable, and super rockin’ way since 2011 – Love, Me’s Birthday Surprise Ball!

If Surprise Ball sounds familiar, it is because we created and launched them last year for the holiday season. And they were a hit. So we created a birthday themed ball to have in our shops year round. Filled with super fun (& sweet!) colourful surprises as well as some traditional birthday goodies, the surprise ball is both a fun gift and a silly, happy experience. Unwrapping the layers of paper reveals surprise after surprise.

You probably want to know what is inside the balls, don’t you? Well if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. I will share a picture with you of one item found in every ball – a birthday badge of honour handmade by me with some delightfully coloured felt.

And because this is the gift that keeps on giving, our surprise balls are wrapped in pretty layers of paper strips which can then be used to decorate the birthday party space or used to create more fun. I recently gave some Surprise Balls to the kids of a friend of mine and as soon as the ball was finished and all sugar was consumed, they got to work making themselves capes, Rapunzel braids, and colourful animal tails with their wrappings. So fun.

Oh! Here is the effortless part – it is already wrapped. Toss that ball off to the intended and let the hootenanny begin!

So next time you run out of time, ideas, or dollars for a birthday gift, stop by the shop and pick up a Surprise!!!


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