Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?

My big old maple in the backyard is showing off some hues of red. Just in time for the flipping of the calendar to October. Whoa! This weekend is Thanksgiving. Hang on, that is worth another WHOA! Are you ready? Are you ready to begin the season of cozy company and holiday entertaining?

Because we never want to leave you high and dry, Love, Me is offering its services in the department of social etiquette. We recently learned from a reputable source that flowers are a no-no to bring to someone’s home when invited for a meal. (Cut flowers are “work” for your host.) Thank goodness Love, Me has a number of great hostess gift alternatives for you. (Extra bonus – all of these gifts are under $20. Some are under $10!)

These beautiful locally crafted beeswax pear and pomegranate candles are a perfectly thoughtful offering for a fall invite. They are so gorgeous that they would please any host. And perfect for our hurricane and snow storm prone weather.

Birch Bark’s 100% natural, 100% handmade soaps from Yarmouth, NS are a simple and gorgeous offering to any host.

The scents of Organic Carrot, Chai Tea, Rosemary Mint, and Orange Vanilla are so delicious that even if you end up with a Griswald turkey, you could probably snack on the soap to keep you sustained.

We also carry locally crafted wire & vintage button flowers to offer to a scent sensitive host.

And what about for those kiddos? If your host has kids, something for the kids to-do  is a really thoughtful (and appreciated) gesture. Love, Me has a fun collage kit for kids that can keep those kidlets out of their parent/s hair while they are serving up drinks, appetizers, and finishing off the meal. And if conversation begins to dwindle, you could join in the collage making.

We have plenty more ideas up our sleeve. Pop by on your lunch hour. We are open until 7 pm on Friday night and Saturday 10-5:30 if weekdays are too much of a squeeze.

Come on by. Let us solve your hostess dilemmas. We can talk turkey.



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2 responses to “Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?

  1. Garth

    Shouldn’t that be:
    Guess who’s coming to dinner
    or maybe
    Guess whose family’s coming to dinner

  2. lovemeboutique

    Agk Garth. You are right! I had about four titles going as I was writing this post and I can see that I did not do a proper read through in the end. I am slapping myself with a grammer citation. I am changing it now.

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