Nocturne 2011

Another successful Nocturne event has now come and gone. Love, Me closed for the evening and instead left a big box of chalk out to encourage people to chalk love letters to the city & general messages of silliness throughout the evening.

 When I left to go off and explore some of the projects, there was already some fun additions to our sidewalk and down our street. When I returned at the end of the night, my small block had turned into a beautiful colourful chalk wonderland! The few streetlights and store window lights shone down on a rainbow of drawings and messages (including a proposal!) My only wish is that I could have come back the next day to see the smiles on peoples faces as they discovered our colourful happy Birmingham Street.

I was very thankful to have the opportunity to get out and see some projects this year (outside my own zone and without the pressure to get back in 15 minutes). I was blown away by the varied, amazing projects and the electric atmosphere. My hightlights? Talking to China with the Remote Corners project, the NSCAD students large scale pottery pieces lit and smoking in front of the waterfront campus, the Phantom Limb architecture hauntingly blowing in the wind, Happy Wash, the buzzing honey bee treestump piece, being transported to a Kabul market outside the AGNS, and making berry baskets.  It was such a great night. I am so happy Halifax has embraced this amazing event and can’t wait until next year.


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