3M: mustaches, movember, and Mary

It is November. A month to remember. A month to write your novel. A month to prepare for winter. November is also a month to grow out your mustache. It is lovely to see Movember gain some substantial traction this year. This movement will hopefully bring more awareness to prostate cancer. Our friend singer/songwriter Mary Stewart is working alongside Movember Canada and offering a fun personalized song to anyone who donates via her Movember Canada page. Oh that Mary – she is ever so clever. She dropped in just before heading out to the photoshoot for her Movember page and picked herself up a mustache on a stick. Doesn’t she look fabulous? We still have more mustaches on a stick as well as mini mustache felty pins. Fun beyond movember, these goodies would be awesome to stuff in a stocking or for a wedding photoshoot, bachelorette party, birthday party, Christmas/New Year dinner party – let’s face it ANY PARTY!





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One response to “3M: mustaches, movember, and Mary

  1. Nancy LeB

    Mary looks the imagine of her mother, Emma Lee – and also has her mother’s generous heart – she would be so proud!

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