Woke up to the alarm in the dark. Began the race toward re-entry. “Where’s your backpack?” “Where are your ‘indoor’ shoes?” “Where’s my lunch bag?” It is January and as much as I would really love more jammies time around the tree, it is unavoidable that holidays must end and the new year must begin. While it may take me a few weeks to find my rhythm, I really love the New Year. It is a clean slate. I love putting up a fresh calendar and cracking the spine on a new agenda. The unmarked pages are ready for challenges, for fun, for greatness.

How about you? How was your re-entry to your regularly scheduled programming? If you are needing some inspiration, the shop still has some great calendars and agendas ready for all that your 2012 has to offer. Give yourself the gift of organization and motivation!



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2 responses to “Re-Entry

  1. Rhia

    I forgot my owls calendar at home!

  2. thank you !! merci !! & Happy New Year

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