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It’s Not Over Until the Ladies Have Had Their Day Off!

Ah the internet. I am full of interesting factoids and information since becoming a regular of Twitter and blogs. Case in point – today I read Christmas is not over until midnight tonight. On a new to me foodie blog, writer Niamh (love her name) at Eat Like a Girl (again with the sweet name), writes about some wonderful international traditions which officially close out the holidays. My personal favorite is Ireland declaring today a Women’s Christmas. This day recognizes that women work their derrieres off preparing and presenting Christmas that they rarely, if ever,  get a break themselves. This day became a day for the lady folk to rest, eat, drink, and be merry. And to slurge a bit on themselves with whatever remained in the coffers from that years turkey sales.

You may not have sold any turkeys or even prepared a turkey, but don’t you think it is right and proper to declare one day to rest and splurge on yourself. What a great way to close out the manicness that can be the holidays and start the year off right. Seriously! Most of us spend our holidays running around like turkeys about to get their heads cut off and then have to jump back into a New Year full of strict resolutions and promises. Aghck!

Ladies – claim your Irish rights. (Or claim to be Irish.) Take a day to yourself. Sleep in. Drink tea. Eat that yummy January 6th French traditional King Cake. And then head out with the gals and splurge on yourself. Buy yourself a little treat-

a nice soap,

a pretty necklace,

some lovely earrings, some sweet mittens or cozy cowl, a piece of art you love.

Now that is a tradition I think I might start incorporating in my own life. 

Happy Christmas Ladies!



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3M: mustaches, movember, and Mary

It is November. A month to remember. A month to write your novel. A month to prepare for winter. November is also a month to grow out your mustache. It is lovely to see Movember gain some substantial traction this year. This movement will hopefully bring more awareness to prostate cancer. Our friend singer/songwriter Mary Stewart is working alongside Movember Canada and offering a fun personalized song to anyone who donates via her Movember Canada page. Oh that Mary – she is ever so clever. She dropped in just before heading out to the photoshoot for her Movember page and picked herself up a mustache on a stick. Doesn’t she look fabulous? We still have more mustaches on a stick as well as mini mustache felty pins. Fun beyond movember, these goodies would be awesome to stuff in a stocking or for a wedding photoshoot, bachelorette party, birthday party, Christmas/New Year dinner party – let’s face it ANY PARTY!




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There was a little frost on the pumpkin this morning. (Seriously. My pumpkin is still on my stoop. Don’t judge. It’s cute and it hasn’t fallen in on itself yet.) It was frosty enough for the (gasp) scraper on the car windshield.

Frosty weather is perfect for a little pip. Ya know? Pip Robins.

Pip Robins is a logical choice when the weather cools off. Designer and creator Gillian Hyde has been making and perfecting her cowls here in Halifax since 2009. After seeing a fella struggle against the wind with a bandana to keep warm, the tubular, over-the-head accessory was born. The Pip Robins line has grown from her signature unisex plaid cowls to include unique, limited edition appliqued varieties as well as lace and  embellished flowers. Gillian takes care to choose sustainable fabrics (often recycled) wherever possible and has a variety of choices from a cozy plaid and hardy herringbones to romantic lace and pretty satin flowers.

Now – don’t those look cozy?? And easy to wear! Come on in and see for yourself.


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I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.

Ah Queen! You and your bicycle race song could make anyone want to hop on their bicycle and go for a ride. Maybe our fair city should just play it on loudspeakers every morning first thing! Yes this week HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) is running (riding?) bike week. It is a week of raising awareness and generating enthusiasm for all things bike. All good stuff as far as Love, Me is concerned. And many of our artists agree – Tweek has lovely trouser cuffs upcycled from ties and Lilybug has some fun bicycle seat covers made from vinyl. And MariClaRo bags, though much of them are made with automobile interior scraps, they have a line of wallets made from bicycle intertubes.

In my bike fantasies (which include a bucket bike by Madsen and my same steading moved closer to the city so I could bike commute), I would be cruze the city streets like the many European city ladies in dresses with a front basket full of bread, cheese, chocolate, wine and flowers. I would most likely wear this dress we just got in from Device and be heading to a park with a good book and good eats.  


Speaking of European cities and bike week have you seen this You Tube video about bike rush hour in Utrecht? Awesome. That is my fantasy for HRM.

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All Sorts of Pretty

You know a creator loves what she is creating when even her hangtags are beautiful and thoughtful!

Elliven is the happy pretty accessory line of stay at home mom and small indie business gal, Julie. With the most lovely fabrics and notions, Julie’s home sewn flat clutches and wallets make the perfectly functional, perfectly adorable.

Perfect for the summer season of weddings, brunches, baby showers and graduations!

Whether you are wearing a basic neutral outfit and need some colour and zaazaazoo, or a bold outfit that need a simple stylish piece, Elliven fits the bill. The Elliven line has simple solid coloured clutches embellished with un petite peu de zazzley ruffle, to printed cotton clutches, pouches and mini card wallets.


Most recently, the Elliven line has grown to include some downright purty notecards featuring the Elliven “signature” sewn ruffle (also used on her hangtags).

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What’s A Gal To Do?

I am going to try really hard not to bitch and moan about grey and rain other than to state this weather is making me grumpy and reclusive. So instead of getting outside or getting to work on projects post putting the kiddos to bed, I retire to the coziness of the duvet and catch up on bad television. Sometimes that involves a little (no judging…) Gossip Girl. I am the first person to step up and say that this show is the equivalent of Sunny D – it claims to be juice but it is really a cocktail of fructose and canola oil. But alas, when I am feeling like I need a little ridiculous catty fluff, GG fits the bill.

Anyway, I don’t bring up Gossip Girl for any other reason than to say that I enjoyed the earlier seasons “prep school” stylings. Credit is due to GG’s fashion department for bringing back the knotted tie and bow tie. And not just on the fellas. The ladies of GG can rock a tie!






But if you don’t have your own fashion or television stylist, what is a gal to do?? Stop in at Love, Me of course and check out the adorable (and easy to wear and pair) goods from Tweek.

Call the press! These are freakin’ adorable!

Cassandra, the maker behind Tweek, has made looking prep school happenin’ so easy with pin back ties and necklaces. No need to YouTube “how to tie a tie” just throw on a necklace or pin on a brooch on (straight on like above or pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear it on the lapel of your tweed blazer (a la season 4?) or your summer white vest (a la movie #1? 2?). Regardless of what spin you put on it, the Tweek tie accessories are fun!


Not enough tie for you? I think a Tweek hair piece would be awesome for an outdoor wedding party.

Too much tie for you? The tweek bowtie rings are a sweet nod to menswear.

Tweek – a vintage shtick with a different kick. Now at Love, Me.

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Spring in your Step

I saw someone in shorts today. Sure the sun was out, but it was a whopping 4 degrees! The site of this weather pushers chilly little legs make me quiver. But I get it. I am as ready as the next person for a little hot spring day warmth. And for me, warm is not 4 degrees. And so what is one to do to satisfy our (or is it just me?) need to stay in warmth of winter’s wool but welcome the Spring/Summer fashion season with the colour and joy it deserves? Accessories!

Feathers are a trend that is not going away. (It is new bird of a few seasons past.)

Rita Van Tassel’s leather feather jewellery is current and solves all Winter meets Spring wardrobe quandries. I defy anyone to wear one of Rita’s pieces in her current colour palatte of red, turquoise, purple, and gold and not feel ready for Spring and Summer (even if you are not wearing shorts or flipflops. And you shouldn’t be.)

Rita is a homegrown favorite (NS born and raised) and rocks the day job of art teacher. New to Rita’s line are the awesome fabric brooches and some adorable hair pins in gorgeous bright batik printed fabrics (and a few skull prints for you rebels). Come in to Love, Me to check out Rita’s latest work and get a little Spring in your step. (And if I offended any 4 degree short wearers, I apologize. I am just one of those people who is cold until the one heat week of August. It is my California blood I suppose.)

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