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Key To Her Heart?

Anyone who has been in this shop knows I am a bit nutty for old keys. I have some of my collection nailed to the entry wall.  So when an artist brings me work with keys featured, I am all over it. While I am an all key, all the time kind of girl, I love the subtle, romantic, suggestive nature of an old key for Valentine’s Day. It could be the key to your heart, your room, or door #3. For this weeks Friday Feature, we have 3 key embroidered artworks. (Pssst… the artist, local Hello Pineapples, actually made exact replicas of the old keys in the Love, Me entry way!) (Double Psssst…if you are local, there are more key embroidery work on the walls to choose from.)




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It’s Not Over Until the Ladies Have Had Their Day Off!

Ah the internet. I am full of interesting factoids and information since becoming a regular of Twitter and blogs. Case in point – today I read Christmas is not over until midnight tonight. On a new to me foodie blog, writer Niamh (love her name) at Eat Like a Girl (again with the sweet name), writes about some wonderful international traditions which officially close out the holidays. My personal favorite is Ireland declaring today a Women’s Christmas. This day recognizes that women work their derrieres off preparing and presenting Christmas that they rarely, if ever,  get a break themselves. This day became a day for the lady folk to rest, eat, drink, and be merry. And to slurge a bit on themselves with whatever remained in the coffers from that years turkey sales.

You may not have sold any turkeys or even prepared a turkey, but don’t you think it is right and proper to declare one day to rest and splurge on yourself. What a great way to close out the manicness that can be the holidays and start the year off right. Seriously! Most of us spend our holidays running around like turkeys about to get their heads cut off and then have to jump back into a New Year full of strict resolutions and promises. Aghck!

Ladies – claim your Irish rights. (Or claim to be Irish.) Take a day to yourself. Sleep in. Drink tea. Eat that yummy January 6th French traditional King Cake. And then head out with the gals and splurge on yourself. Buy yourself a little treat-

a nice soap,

a pretty necklace,

some lovely earrings, some sweet mittens or cozy cowl, a piece of art you love.

Now that is a tradition I think I might start incorporating in my own life. 

Happy Christmas Ladies!


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This Saturday is my grandfather’s 90th birthday. (Hi Papa!) It is also one of the most fun, interesting, and anticipated annual events in Halifax. This  Saturday, October 15 night is Nocturne – Art at Night. From 6pm – midnight our city of Halifax is alive with art and culture projects, installations, and shows open to everyone. If you haven’t been, you need to clear your schedule pronto and make plans stat.

Love, Me Boutique is not only a big fan of Nocturne, we are also one of the Nocturne sites. Every year since we have opened, we have concentrated our efforts on having an interactive activity as well as having the shop open for visitors. In our first year, we had a DIY 1″ button station. In year two, we hosted a portraiture artist (Zach Gough) and a live concert from Mary Stewart. In year three, last year, we pulled off a ridiculously fun photographic session complete with props with help from our friend Shelagh Duffett.

Karen, of Belltristic Buttons, helps a young Nocturne visitor cut out his image and make his 1″ button in 2008.

2010 Nocturne characters, complete with zany props, having a gas in our photobooth.

This year, we are doing something a little bit different.

With a love of smart street art, a crush on chalkboards and chalking, a love of the handwritten love letter, an insistence that Love, Me Boutique have a pARTicipation effort in Nocturne, our store will physically be closed BUT we will have chalk out for Nocturne participants to take on their journey Saturday evening.

This year Love, Me is encouraging pARTicipants to chalk love letters to Halifax / citizens of Halifax throughout their travels Saturday evening. That simple. You. Others. Some chalk. And hopefully, some beautiful messages throughout the city.

hello beautiful by me.

I hope you all have a great night this Saturday. Bundle up, grab a warm bevie and stop by the shop for some chalk. (First come. First serve.) And then get out there and make some art.

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More Hearts for Japan

As we posted yesterday, our sad hearts for the people of Japan have created a spontanious auction of handmade goods. Another artist has come forward today asking us to auction her work as well. “Every little bit helps”. Exactly! Thank you to Shelagh Duffett.

This silent (email) auction lovely 8×10 photo will start at $10.

As with Jewels for Japan, we are taking email silent auction bids. Send us an email with your name, contact info, and your bid amount. The bidding will continue for one week. Monies collected from both items will go to the Canadian Red Cross.

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The MacKay Bridge

As was made evident in yesterday’s post, I have a nostalgic pull toward miniatures “scenes”. As a kid I was always building little worlds with dolls, with lego, with cardboard, crayons and glue. So it is no surprise that I have fallen head over heals with Elly Mackay (aka theatreclouds).

Elly Mackay creates magic in Owen Sound, Ontario. Her dreamy characters and environments are painted on Yupo paper (a plasticy filmy paper), staged, then lit (with thin tissue layers), and captured through photography. The end result is enchanting.

I love how her images allow your imagination to journey to wonderful worlds where flowers are grown in golden braids, paper boats are lost at sea and little boys carry beached whales back into the ocean. Her images are like waking from a beautiful and haunting dream that seemed so real you have a hard time getting out of bed to face the real world. Elly Mackay is really the bridge between adult and childhood, reality and dream, the immortal and ephemerial. (And yes I am playing on “bridge” and Mackay and its Halifax-ness. I have a head cold. Cut me some slack.)

Elly (who went to NSCAD btw) is a trained artist, illustrator and educator. “My work often tells a moment in a story, and often plays with the themes of childhood, and the ephemeral. I look to my own childhood, my experiences as a mother, Victorian curiosities, vintage book illustrations,  and set design. I have recently begun working on a larger scale, creating installations.”

Follow Elly’s forays in to the world of paper art on her blog.

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Miles of Bliss

When I was in my early teens, my father brought the family to an evening motorcross event. In true teen fashion, I would have rathered stayed home to watch MTV or read V.C. Andrews or something and pouted the whole way there. Downing a couple of hotdogs and rootbeers, I spent the next couple of hours listening to the high-pitched eeeeeee of the mini bikes, the groan of the motorcycles and the roar of the crowds. I was enchanted. I have yet to return to another motorcross event but our next Love, Me exhibition is making me feel nostalgic for the colours, the sounds, the smells, and the speeeeeeeeeed.

Miles of Bliss is a collection of paintings and drawings by the local artist and motorcyclist Anna Stowe. Anna celebrates motorbikes in work that is full of colour and movement; You can almost feel a woosh of air and hear the highpitch eeeeee as the bikes whip past.


I am super smitten with this collection. The colours are so brilliant – orange, red, teal. I adore that Anna’s dirt flecks are in multi-colours and look like confetti. You MUST come and see these works in person. Better still, come to the opening reception and meet Anna. Warning: you will want to don a helmet and ride yourself and your new painting home on a motorbike.

Oh! Anna also has some great tees  here at Love, Me which you should definately check out.

So join us – Friday, September 17 from 5-7 pm. And even though it does not evoke the speed protrayed in Anna’s work, I leave you with this line from a gorgeous Hawksley Workman song – Ilfacombe – which captures the freedom of a motorcycle: “This summer I am gonna get us a motorbike – something with some saddlebags that we can pack a picnic in. This summer I am gonna get us a motorbike – something cheap on gasoline to get us into town and back.”

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Egg-cellent Egg-xhibition

July 13, 2010 – Oh I can’t believe I just wrote that cheesy title. There you have it – the humidity has made me obnoxiously silly. Oh dear…That all being said if you are obsessed with eggs (Yes, there is a big egg fan club), then you will love one of our newest artists, Annie Abdalla.

Annie takes what are perceived to be ordinary and everyday objects and studies them. Lately Annie has been egg-samining (ok, I’ll stop) eggs. I make light with my ridiculous play on words when really these renditions of eggs so far from ridiculous. Annie’s eggs are thoughtful and contemplative and so very lovely. Her studies include oil paintings on canvas, acrylic on board and panel, and encaustic pieces.

Annie has an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College and a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University as well as having studied at Naropa University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

There will be an opening to fete Annie Abdala and her eggs on Friday, July 16 from 5 pm – 7 pm. Please feel free to stop by, meet the artist, enjoy some refreshments (egg related? you can count on it.) and pick up a free treasure made by the artist.

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